Time for an After Action Report

March 03, 2019











Now that you have survived the Maryland State Meet, what have you learned?

It is always great to perform well at the higher level meets. Did you make a personal best, make it to finals, or even place in the finals?

With all that success, what did you learn? It’s important to take some time now and to think back on how you performed.

Have you ever wondered why after each event your coach wants to have a quick chat with you? It is to have the immediate “after-action report.”

An after-action report has been used extensively in the military. After each military exercise, there is an assessment of the successes and failures during the exercise. The after-action report answers the questions:

1- What did the team do well and succeed with?

2- What failures did the team have during the exercise?

And most importantly:

3-What can be improved to prevent the same failure in the next attempt?

In these military exercises, the team is evaluated as a whole. It is the sum of all the parts that makes the performance good or bad. While individuals make up the team, the entire team can be made better by each member being slightly better.

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