Congratulations on 20-Years!

August 23, 2016

Marci Benda, P.T., celebrates her 20th year as a physical therapist.  Marci graduated from University of Maryland in June of 1996 and began working almost immediately.  After starting her first job, Marci was able to take a brief break  for her wedding and honeymoon (which also means Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary!).

Marci has been a valuable addition to Lifestrength Physical Therapy.  She has a great understanding of running and swimming training, injuries, and rehabilitation.  This enables her to quickly restore the patients' ability to return to the activities and sports that they love.

Marci is a very accomplished runner herself, completing 2-3 marathons each year.  She runs one of those  as a pacer for the Baltimore Running Festival, where Marci helps other runners know where they are during a race, which enables them to reach their goal finishing times in order to qualify for other races, such as the Boston Marathon.  Even in her runnning, Marci puts in the time to help others reach their goals!

Congratulations on 20 years of great work.  We appreciate all you do!

Can you pick Marci out?  She's holding the 3:45 sign!

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