Running Injuries

Running Injuries

Running related injuries can plague both men and women. Whether training for races, or running for fitness and weight loss, injuries can limit the runner from being able to train.  Frustration follows from losing time training as a competitive runner, or simply losing the gains you have made in your fitness or weight loss program.

Even though there is only limited evidence associating running-training factors and running-related injuries, these factors can still be important.  Training factors to consider include:


·        Distance (daily or weekly mileage)

·        Frequency

·        Weak muscles

·        Tight muscles

·        Limited joint mobility (especially at the great toes, ankles)

·        Previous injury

·        Heel strike/ forefoot strike patterns

·        Footwear


Most runners simply want to run.  They do not want to do a bunch of stretches or exercises in order to run.  Considering all of the above factors can be overwhelming, so therefore the runner will often “run through the pain” rather than try to figure out why it is there.  Or worse yet, he/she has tried to figure it out, but nothing has worked to fix it!

At Lifestrength Physical Therapy we can evaluate all of the above factors, decipher which factors are relavant to you and which are not, and design a plan tailored to your specific needs that can return you to running with less risk of injury, as soon as possible.